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We're Just Ordinary People
We Don't Know Which Way to Go
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14th-Oct-2007 08:12 am(no subject)
This journal is now FRIENDS ONLY

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7th-Nov-2006 07:47 am - Odd...
So I'm wondering, why is it that we as students (I'm presuming other people do this too)often say "thank you" to a Professor as we are turning in a completed exam? I find that I always seem to do it after midterms or finals and lately I've noticed a bunch of other people in my classes saying "thank you" when they handed in exams also. When you stop to think about it, it's kind of an odd thing to thank them for, in my opinion anyways. Are we thanking them for testing our knowledge? For being so kind as to grant us the privilege of doing more work? I mean really... it's odd. Thanking them for teaching the course is perfectly logical to me, but thanking them for giving you a 10 page take home midterm? Honestly now?

On a different note, (this is not going to matter to anyone but that is what live journals are for right?) for a while I was convinced that in one of Justin's songs, "Chop Me Up" if you must know, he was saying "relax, take your clothes off and let me get your name" which I thought was hilarious only because it was him saying it. If anyone else had said such a thing it would not have been adorable particularly because the name came after the clothes coming off, but somehow Justin made demeaning seem kind of funny because that is really not a statement he can pull off with any sort of legitimacy whatsoever and he knows it. Well anyways, I recently realized that in fact he is not saying "take your clothes off" but rather "take your coat off" which makes a lot more sense and is a lot less man-whorey of him and yet part of me was kind of disappointed. Explain that one?

I feel like lately I have been focusing way too much energy on things that maybe I shouldn't be focusing on (no, not you Stephen Colbert). I have been questioning myself like crazy and thinking way too much about my own little world its problems which makes me feel unhappy and terribly selfish to boot.
3rd-Nov-2006 05:35 am - Sexy...is that you?
Hilary made me this livejournal and I must say it feels a bit funny, but I'll adjust! Having a livejournal is very different from having a regular journal, here's hoping I don't drown you in misery and boring anecdotes. What does one talk about on a livejournal? Anything I please? That could become lame very quickly! The awkwardness begins. :)
Oh and in case you are wondering, I don't really know what "biscuitsrogeron" are but that is not really the point now is it?
Just posting to say hi. I guess now I officially exist on the internet. *shiver*
Oh and also, who thinks my icon is sexy? I do! Two of the things I love most in the whole wide world: Hugh Laurie and parrots. It doesn't get much better than that!
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